Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Women’s Clothes – The Latest Trends

Isabel Marant
What can you expect to be wearing for the rest of the year? Women’s clothes have key trends every season so it helps to stay abreast of the industry fashions. Whether you are keen to see the latest designs by Isabel Marant or are searching for up and coming brands like Poetic Licence shoes, you can often track down the latest trends online. If you’re a real follower of fashion, you’ll want to make sure that you’re up with the latest trends before you go shopping. Whilst some designer windows make it easy for you to see what’s best to buy, it’s also worth doing a little bit of background research on what’s current in the world of women’s clothes. With Fashion Week showcasing the designers’ thoughts for the coming Autumn/Winter season, and magazines giving you the latest on what you should be wearing in Spring and Summer, there’s no shortage of advice. · Colour – it seems that the colour for the summer is blue. Various shades, from the softest pastel to a masculine navy, but blue, blue, blue. From your shoes to your sunhat, this is the colour to be looking out for. Designers had models in blue from top to toe, but you might want to select a couple of key pieces like Aspecto's ladies barbour jackets and then mix and match with other colours for a less fashion-conscious look. Pair your outfit with colourful accessories like Roxy bags that come in a range of colours and styles.
  • Shorts-as-trunks – kids have been getting away with it for years, but designers have introduced the shorts-as-trunks concept to women’s clothes as well. Not your normal baggy shorts, these look smart and confident as shorts, but buy you some extra time in the water by allowing you to jump right in. If you’ve dressed your shorts up with some designer shirts or tops, don’t forget to take them off before you get wet.

  • The Sixties – there are some definite Sixties influences in women’s clothes this Summer. Cardigans, drainpipe-type trousers and owl glasses are just some of the offerings, along with eye-catching flowery shirts and tie-die effects. Don’t try this at home, though – the designers do it better.

  • Back to dark – Autumn and Winter this year go back to dark colours. Paul Smith concentrates on black suits made different with the addition of a zebra belt here and a spotted tie there. Burberry goes back to working class roots with simple shirts and overcoats teamed with fingerless gloves.

  • Shine on – patent leathers, shiny trousers and glitzy details are part of women’s clothes trends for the end of 2008. Make sure you can wear these well before you buy them – it’s all very well to wear the latest thing, but you’ve got to make sure it suits you first.

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