Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Hottest Fashion Statement

Shoes have outstripped bags as the biggest fashion item, as chic footwear has created a big trend for 'it-shoes' that goes with anything from jeans to prom dresses UK.
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Shoes have always been something of a fetish item for fashion aficionados. And now designers and fashion editors have announced that shoes have replaced bags when it comes to fashion trends. Shoes can make a massive difference to an outfit – poorly chosen, worn out or chunky shoes can bring an outfit down and says volumes about the wearer. But stylish shoes can transform your look, your posture and your confidence.

It-Shoes Replace It-Bags

According to Alice Fisher, the Style Correspondent for The Observer, “it-shoes are about to replace it-bags.” It's something anyone who knows how to dress well and dress for the right occasion already knows – shoes can make or break your look. Now, however, it's being predicted that rather than opting for lots of pairs of fashionable shoes, women will increasingly opt for more expensive designer labels and brands that cost a little bit more. The move to investment buys is partly a response to the credit crunch – buying high quality, long lasting shoes is more cost effective in the long run and having a few choice wardrobe staples goes a long way. Mintel predicts that although women will buy up to 7% fewer pairs of shoes, they will in fact spend more and invest in more expensive shoes.

Shoe Designers Love Celebrities

Shoes have always been huge when it comes to celebrities and glossy magazines – it's almost impossible not to see a photo of Posh wearing the latest must-have heels. But now designers are even naming their designs and shoes after celebrities. Giambattista Valli has named a pair of his shoes Victoria to honour Beckham who has certainly led the way when it comes to shoes and fashion. Even the children of celebrities are impacting on shoe designers, with Calvin Klein naming a shoe design 'Suri' – which just happens to be the name of Tom Cruise's child.

Shoetube – The Online Trend

Fisher says shoes are such a massive fashion accessory that traditional designers of handbags are jumping on the bandwagon with both feet – brands such as Mulberry have diversified into the shoes market. 2008 saw huge demand for catwalk heels as the 140mm heel took over the 100mm heel, setting new heights in the world of stilettos. The obsession with shoes has reached online – with fantastic savings on big brands at dedicated shoe and trainer sites. And there's even been a website set up by a fashion expert called 'Shoetube' where shoe fans post videos and blogs.

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