Thursday, 29 March 2012

Promotional and Corporate Jewellery

For a truly exceptional corporate gift, you should consider solid silver jewellery. Numerous firms specialise in jewellery making and cufflinks, bracelets, bangles, charms and other silver products such as clocks, picture frames, money clips and desk items.

Because of its individual nature, corporate jewellery is made-to-order and is usually ordered in small quantities. Pieces can be commissioned to mark a special occasion such as a long-service award, retirement or employee achievement. They can also be used as prestige gifts for key clients.

The most common use for corporate jewellery is from associations, organisations and academic institutions. Branded cufflinks, tie pins, lapel badges and charms are all good ways to show you belong to a certain body, and for that body to generate income. Classically and cleverly-designed pieces will sell well to membership, and increase revenue in shops and retail outlets.  Museums and art galleries often have jewellery that refers to or depicts the most celebrated items in their collection and, if well made from solid silver, these items sell well to the institution’s visitors, particularly tourists.

Your items do not have to be solid silver, of course. Cufflinks in particular can be made with a base metal and then enamelled with the colour and pattern you require. This process can also be used with pendants and tie-pins. This flexibility allows you to offer jewellery in your corporate colours or with an exact reproduction of your logo. For special occasions such as the anniversary of an institution or business, we can help design a bespoke piece of jewellery to mark the event. For this process, we will work closely with you, talking through your requirements, before producing one or more designs for you to consider and approve. You will be able to see a full design drawing of the piece before it is made, giving you the opportunity to make suggestions or alter the design.  All our bespoke and solid silver jewellery comes in presentation boxes, giving them a professional look, and we can deliver all the products to you, or individually to the recipients as required.

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