Thursday, 29 March 2012

Looking for Love - Come On Girl, Have Confidence When Looking For Love

Whether they admit it or not, there are those men and women looking for love who lack the confidence they need to face the world. It isn’t that they’re hideous. In fact, you wouldn’t see anything wrong with them at first glance. Why then do they lack confidence?

It could be because of some childhood trauma. It could also be some hurtful event in their past relationships that has left them feeling inadequate. These things, though, are temporary. If you’re one of these men and women, you needn’t worry. Here are a few things you can do to regain that lost confidence:

Get to know yourself. Don’t be afraid to look inside yourself. Reflect on the causes of your insecurity. This will allow you to fix whatever problems you may have, enabling you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Concentrate on your strengths. Come on girl, we all have our good points. It simply takes a bit of soul-searching to find them.

Turn to a trusted friend for guidance. Talking it over with someone help ease whatever pain you’re feeling inside. If you’re not comfortable with your friends or family, professional help is pretty reliable. Such people are normally better equipped to deal with your hurts and pains. What’s more, they can guide you through these rough moments in your life.

Try and erase the past from your system. So you’ve been hurt by your ex-boyfriend. It may even have been physical. Move on and trash what’s all in the past. Remember, not all blokes are like him. There are some really decent and caring men out there. You simply need to find them.

Get out more. Don’t stay cooped up in your apartment or office. Go out and see the world - alone or with a friend. Whatever suits your fancy. Use the trip as an opportunity for soul-searching.

Get a new you. Get a makeover. Change your hair colour. Re-invent yourself. Sometimes, a physical makeover helps you feel like a brand-new person who’s determined to change for the better.

So don’t be shy about who you are. We all have our excellent qualities to share with others. Don’t let anything stop you from looking for love. Come on now, and don’t be shy. You’ll never know. The man of your dreams could already be looking at you. How can you see him if you keep your head bowed all the time?

Dating agency: Vegetarians and Golden Girls

The concept of the specialised dating agency has really taken off over the last few years. Music lovers, sports buffs and even some nationalities have established their own sites. The owners argue that singles will have a better chance at finding a mate if they are alike.

There are two notable specialised dating agencies that have become quite popular among their target audience. One of these sites target the more “senior” set—singles who are over 55 years of age. Most of these sites are run by senior citizens themselves who know how hard it is to be old and alone.

And there are quite a number of them. In the U.S. alone for instance, there are around 100 million senior citizens. Most of them are usually widowed and are longing for companionship. Of this number, roughly 17 million are Internet users. This makes it a very lucrative market. Quite a number of them in fact are willing to find romance or companionship online.

Another specialised online dating agency caters to vegetarians. While there are quite a number of them out there, most still find it hard to find a mate who is a fellow vegetarian. This again has prompted some very enterprising individuals to address the plight of these singles.

Whether senior citizens or vegetarians, the method of finding a match is pretty much the same. Singles register and fill out a form describing themselves and their desired mate. They are also encouraged to provide photographs of themselves. This increases the chances of their being noticed.

Some sites have chat rooms where singles can meet other singles. Here, they are free to discuss interests, their views on being in their golden years or why they decided to become a vegetarian. This is especially popular with those who aren’t really bent on a face-to-face meeting.

One point worth noting is that these sites aren’t just for those looking for romance. Most seniors for instance, were married for quite a number of years before their spouse passed away. At this point in their lives, all they really want is someone to talk to. Then there are other singles that are merely looking for activity partners. Or, some are looking to find a place for a tasty veggie burger. These sites are the perfect place to find these.

For those who are anxious about whether or not this whole dating agency thing will work for them, some sites offer a 30-day free trial. This allows potential members to get a feel of the whole experience before signing up and paying a membership fee.

So whether you’re a senior citizen or a vegetarian, or someone who simply wants to meet new and interesting people, why not sign up with a dating agency. It can open new doors for you.

Promotional and Corporate Jewellery

For a truly exceptional corporate gift, you should consider solid silver jewellery. Numerous firms specialise in jewellery making and cufflinks, bracelets, bangles, charms and other silver products such as clocks, picture frames, money clips and desk items.

Because of its individual nature, corporate jewellery is made-to-order and is usually ordered in small quantities. Pieces can be commissioned to mark a special occasion such as a long-service award, retirement or employee achievement. They can also be used as prestige gifts for key clients.

The most common use for corporate jewellery is from associations, organisations and academic institutions. Branded cufflinks, tie pins, lapel badges and charms are all good ways to show you belong to a certain body, and for that body to generate income. Classically and cleverly-designed pieces will sell well to membership, and increase revenue in shops and retail outlets.  Museums and art galleries often have jewellery that refers to or depicts the most celebrated items in their collection and, if well made from solid silver, these items sell well to the institution’s visitors, particularly tourists.

Your items do not have to be solid silver, of course. Cufflinks in particular can be made with a base metal and then enamelled with the colour and pattern you require. This process can also be used with pendants and tie-pins. This flexibility allows you to offer jewellery in your corporate colours or with an exact reproduction of your logo. For special occasions such as the anniversary of an institution or business, we can help design a bespoke piece of jewellery to mark the event. For this process, we will work closely with you, talking through your requirements, before producing one or more designs for you to consider and approve. You will be able to see a full design drawing of the piece before it is made, giving you the opportunity to make suggestions or alter the design.  All our bespoke and solid silver jewellery comes in presentation boxes, giving them a professional look, and we can deliver all the products to you, or individually to the recipients as required.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Hottest Fashion Statement

Shoes have outstripped bags as the biggest fashion item, as chic footwear has created a big trend for 'it-shoes' that goes with anything from jeans to prom dresses UK.
Prom dresses uk
Shoes have always been something of a fetish item for fashion aficionados. And now designers and fashion editors have announced that shoes have replaced bags when it comes to fashion trends. Shoes can make a massive difference to an outfit – poorly chosen, worn out or chunky shoes can bring an outfit down and says volumes about the wearer. But stylish shoes can transform your look, your posture and your confidence.

It-Shoes Replace It-Bags

According to Alice Fisher, the Style Correspondent for The Observer, “it-shoes are about to replace it-bags.” It's something anyone who knows how to dress well and dress for the right occasion already knows – shoes can make or break your look. Now, however, it's being predicted that rather than opting for lots of pairs of fashionable shoes, women will increasingly opt for more expensive designer labels and brands that cost a little bit more. The move to investment buys is partly a response to the credit crunch – buying high quality, long lasting shoes is more cost effective in the long run and having a few choice wardrobe staples goes a long way. Mintel predicts that although women will buy up to 7% fewer pairs of shoes, they will in fact spend more and invest in more expensive shoes.

Shoe Designers Love Celebrities

Shoes have always been huge when it comes to celebrities and glossy magazines – it's almost impossible not to see a photo of Posh wearing the latest must-have heels. But now designers are even naming their designs and shoes after celebrities. Giambattista Valli has named a pair of his shoes Victoria to honour Beckham who has certainly led the way when it comes to shoes and fashion. Even the children of celebrities are impacting on shoe designers, with Calvin Klein naming a shoe design 'Suri' – which just happens to be the name of Tom Cruise's child.

Shoetube – The Online Trend

Fisher says shoes are such a massive fashion accessory that traditional designers of handbags are jumping on the bandwagon with both feet – brands such as Mulberry have diversified into the shoes market. 2008 saw huge demand for catwalk heels as the 140mm heel took over the 100mm heel, setting new heights in the world of stilettos. The obsession with shoes has reached online – with fantastic savings on big brands at dedicated shoe and trainer sites. And there's even been a website set up by a fashion expert called 'Shoetube' where shoe fans post videos and blogs.

Women’s Clothes – The Latest Trends

Isabel Marant
What can you expect to be wearing for the rest of the year? Women’s clothes have key trends every season so it helps to stay abreast of the industry fashions. Whether you are keen to see the latest designs by Isabel Marant or are searching for up and coming brands like Poetic Licence shoes, you can often track down the latest trends online. If you’re a real follower of fashion, you’ll want to make sure that you’re up with the latest trends before you go shopping. Whilst some designer windows make it easy for you to see what’s best to buy, it’s also worth doing a little bit of background research on what’s current in the world of women’s clothes. With Fashion Week showcasing the designers’ thoughts for the coming Autumn/Winter season, and magazines giving you the latest on what you should be wearing in Spring and Summer, there’s no shortage of advice. · Colour – it seems that the colour for the summer is blue. Various shades, from the softest pastel to a masculine navy, but blue, blue, blue. From your shoes to your sunhat, this is the colour to be looking out for. Designers had models in blue from top to toe, but you might want to select a couple of key pieces like Aspecto's ladies barbour jackets and then mix and match with other colours for a less fashion-conscious look. Pair your outfit with colourful accessories like Roxy bags that come in a range of colours and styles.
  • Shorts-as-trunks – kids have been getting away with it for years, but designers have introduced the shorts-as-trunks concept to women’s clothes as well. Not your normal baggy shorts, these look smart and confident as shorts, but buy you some extra time in the water by allowing you to jump right in. If you’ve dressed your shorts up with some designer shirts or tops, don’t forget to take them off before you get wet.

  • The Sixties – there are some definite Sixties influences in women’s clothes this Summer. Cardigans, drainpipe-type trousers and owl glasses are just some of the offerings, along with eye-catching flowery shirts and tie-die effects. Don’t try this at home, though – the designers do it better.

  • Back to dark – Autumn and Winter this year go back to dark colours. Paul Smith concentrates on black suits made different with the addition of a zebra belt here and a spotted tie there. Burberry goes back to working class roots with simple shirts and overcoats teamed with fingerless gloves.

  • Shine on – patent leathers, shiny trousers and glitzy details are part of women’s clothes trends for the end of 2008. Make sure you can wear these well before you buy them – it’s all very well to wear the latest thing, but you’ve got to make sure it suits you first.

Women’s clothes: look good, feel good

Buying the right women’s clothes could give your self-confidence a boost.

Black Cat Design Embroidered Clothing
 If you feel that you need a little more self confidence, your wardrobe is a good place to start. Feeling comfortable with what you wear makes an immediate difference to the way you’re perceived by others and you don’t have to spend a fortune on the latest women’s clothes to boost your own confidence levels. In fact, just selecting one or two key new pieces from places like Triple S Clothing could be a step in the right direction.

Women’s clothes – your current wardrobe

When was the last time you bought a new item of clothing? Do you spend your time in jeans you’ve had for years and a football shirt? Do you see style-conscious girls in the street and wonder how they get away with it? You really don’t need to re-invent yourself in order to have a bit more self-confidence when you’re out and about. Two or three new buys could be all that it takes.

A good shirt – going out, whether with the boys on a Saturday night, or with your partner for a romantic meal requires you to dress up a bit. You don’t have to go over the top, though. Most places are happy for you to turn up in jeans, which will help to make you feel more comfortable, but you should invest in a good shirt to smarten things up a bit. Designer women’s clothes have been around for a while, and the smart-casual shirt is one of their staples. Take a look at the shirts from designers such as Ted Baker, and see what makes them different from the rest. It could be the fabric, the colour, or the attention to detail, but you’re sure to find something that makes you feel great when you wear it. Make sure you have body stockings at the ready for your romantic rendezvous.

Shoes – as any woman will tell you, wearing a great pair of shoes can turn you into a different person. Again, you can team good shoes with jeans if you still want to keep a casual look, but if you invest in a pair of well-made, classic brown or black (or preferably both) dress shoes, you can leave home feeling like a new man. Make sure you buy shoes that really fit, however, and don’t just buy them for the style statement. You won’t help your confidence levels by limping home at the end of the night.

Coat – whatever you’re wearing, if you put a good coat on top of it, you’re immediately transformed. In women’s clothes, just as with men’s, good tailoring and quality fabric is really noticeable and if you invest in either a mid-weight coat to see you through the winter, or a close-fitting trench coat for any occasion, you won’t be wasting your money. For added style, seek an embroidery specialist like Black Cat Design Embroidered Clothing to add a personal touch to your coat.

Of course, there are lots of other women’s clothes you could add to your wardrobe to give you that little bit of extra confidence, but it’s best to start with just one or two pieces to see how you feel. Get some advice on the right fit for your body shape and you and those around you could see you in a completely different light.