Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dating agency: Vegetarians and Golden Girls

The concept of the specialised dating agency has really taken off over the last few years. Music lovers, sports buffs and even some nationalities have established their own sites. The owners argue that singles will have a better chance at finding a mate if they are alike.

There are two notable specialised dating agencies that have become quite popular among their target audience. One of these sites target the more “senior” set—singles who are over 55 years of age. Most of these sites are run by senior citizens themselves who know how hard it is to be old and alone.

And there are quite a number of them. In the U.S. alone for instance, there are around 100 million senior citizens. Most of them are usually widowed and are longing for companionship. Of this number, roughly 17 million are Internet users. This makes it a very lucrative market. Quite a number of them in fact are willing to find romance or companionship online.

Another specialised online dating agency caters to vegetarians. While there are quite a number of them out there, most still find it hard to find a mate who is a fellow vegetarian. This again has prompted some very enterprising individuals to address the plight of these singles.

Whether senior citizens or vegetarians, the method of finding a match is pretty much the same. Singles register and fill out a form describing themselves and their desired mate. They are also encouraged to provide photographs of themselves. This increases the chances of their being noticed.

Some sites have chat rooms where singles can meet other singles. Here, they are free to discuss interests, their views on being in their golden years or why they decided to become a vegetarian. This is especially popular with those who aren’t really bent on a face-to-face meeting.

One point worth noting is that these sites aren’t just for those looking for romance. Most seniors for instance, were married for quite a number of years before their spouse passed away. At this point in their lives, all they really want is someone to talk to. Then there are other singles that are merely looking for activity partners. Or, some are looking to find a place for a tasty veggie burger. These sites are the perfect place to find these.

For those who are anxious about whether or not this whole dating agency thing will work for them, some sites offer a 30-day free trial. This allows potential members to get a feel of the whole experience before signing up and paying a membership fee.

So whether you’re a senior citizen or a vegetarian, or someone who simply wants to meet new and interesting people, why not sign up with a dating agency. It can open new doors for you.

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